eSeries Booklets

Please note: the extra sequence variations in these booklets are not contained within the original books Ashtanga Yoga As It Is and Vinyasa Krama. These eBooklets are intended as a support to the latter books: ideally you should purchase the books first in order to understand the overall content and “big picture”.

These sequences adaptations are an aid to understanding how to develop both Vinyasa in general, and the Primary Series in a mindful step by step manner.

Each booklet contains A3 & A4 B&W sequence variations that can be handily used as “cheat sheets” next to your mat for ease of learning. If you need an easier version of the series you are practicing, if you are injured or tired check out levels 1 and 2. Alternatively if you want to progress further and attempt some more advanced versions check out levels 3, 4 or 5.

Each of these booklets are sold as a .pdf file. You can load them onto your device as a .pdf, convert them to another suitable file type, or have them printed – adjust the print size to your preference.

Technique eSeries

This 22 page booklet is a complement to Vinyasa Unlocked, showing the majority of the techniques included in the first DVD. This detailed excerpt contains great advice for helping you improve the Salute to the Sun, jumping through and jumping back, back bending, inversions and tic-tacs.

$ 8 download


Primary Series, Level 1-7

  • beginners to advanced variations

  • includes primary and intermediate combined knee relief sequence

  • sequence with alternative vinyasa to take pressure off wrists/shoulders

$ 8 download