New and Improved Revised Edition

(With Colour!)

This book, Vinyāsa Krama Mandiram, is an improved and updated version of its predecessor, Vinyāsa Krama: Five Unique Sequences. It now contains six sequences and is significantly different to the original. The older VK sequences have undergone a number of refinements and upgrades, each one changing in different ways.

The first six sequences of VKM are Chandra Krama: Moon Sequence, Ātapa Krama: Sunshine Sequence, Siṁha Krama: Lion Sequence, Amāvasyā Krama: New Moon Sequence, Marīchi Krama, Ray of Light, and Mārjāra Krama: Lion Cub. Each one is designed to enhance your practice in a unique way. These sequences vary between Yin and Yang, strength and flexibility, and dynamic and relaxed. They will bring you to a natural sattva, the rhythmic, balanced energy within each of us.

These sequence are paired with detailed Prāṇāyāma Krama, of varying levels, also shared in this book. All VK practices will help guide you to deeper states of self-awareness, and are collectively taught alongside Advaita Vedanta Self-Enquiry.

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